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DATO’ LOO KENG AN @ LEE KIM AN, aged 74 Managing Director. He was appointed to the Board of Minho on 16 July 1990. Dato’ Loo has more than 30 years of experience in the timber business. In 1970, he was contractor providing lighterage service to the timber companies for Mahawangsa Jetty Sdn. Bhd. in Port Klang. Over the years, he had built up extensive experience on kiln drying, sawmilling, export of sawn timber and logging. In 1977, together with Ng Kim Kee, they founded Minho Kilning to provide timber kiln drying services and he has been the key to the success of Minho.

LIM KIM MENG, aged 50, was appointed to the Board of Directors and Audit Committee of Minho on 30 November 2021. He is an Independent Non-Executive Director of the Company. Mr. Lim was appointed as the Chairman of the Nomination and Remuneration Committee and Audit and Risk Committee on 28 February 2022. He graduated with a Second Class Honours Bachelor of Laws Degree from the University of London and completed his Certificate of Legal Practice in 1994. He is the Managing Partner of Kamil Hashim Raj & Lim, Advocates & Solicitors. His professional experience includes being a member of the Malaysia Financial Markets Association, holding the position of licensed foreign exchange and money market dealer at Southern Bank Berhad (1994-1997) and Institutional Sales Dealer and Licensed KLSE Equities Dealer with HLG Securities (1997-1998). Mr. Lim is a director in Asia Brands Berhad, a public list company on Bursa Malaysia.

LOO SAY LENG, aged 51, was appointed to the Board of Minho on 13 January 1993. He is the member of the Remuneration Committee and Nomination Committee. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree majoring in Finance from the California State University, Fresno, United States of America. He is the marketing manager responsible for the setting up and control of the overseas marketing company, Lionvest UK, based in UK. He is the son of the Dato’ Loo Keng An.

KHIBIR BIN RAZALI, aged 57, was appointed to the Board of Minho on 28 June 2002. He is the Finance Director of the Company and member of the Remuneration Committee. He graduated from MARA University of Technology in 1990 with an Advance Diploma in Accountancy. He is a Chartered Accountant registered with Malaysian Institute of Accountants. He has held various senior management positions with companies in various industries. He was the Corporate Planning Manager with a stainless steel cutlery manufacturer, Managing Director of a Class C construction company and also a Finance Manager of a Class A construction company. He was with the Internal Audit Department of Amanah Saham Pahang Berhad, the biggest forest concessionaires in Pahang. He later joined Lionvest Corporation (Pahang) Sdn. Bhd. as Senior Accounts Executive in 1994 and was promoted as the Group Accountant for Minho (M) Berhad in September 2001.


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