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The Minho Group comprises numerous companies sheltered under the public listed umbrella named, Minho (M) Berhad . What started off as Syarikat Minho Kilning Sdn. Bhd., a provider of kiln drying (KD) services, has over the years, blossomed into a well diversified and fully integrated business entity involved in a wide range of activities  such as:-

-Kiln drying and chemical preservative treatment
-Manufacturing, exporting and dealing in moulded timber and related products.
-Export of processed timber products
-Trading in logs supply and timber related products
-Exploitation of timber concessions
-Operation of a fully integrated timber complex
-Manufacturing and distribution of industrial paper bags
-Property development

The Group attributes its success and its survival during the 1977 financial crisis, the recessions of the 1980’s and more recently the global economic upheavals to an appropriate diversification programme and to its emphasis in producing high quality value added products.

The Group’s manufacturing facilities cover a sprawling 100 acres of kiln drying and preservative treatment plant and about 15 acres of moulding factory floor space. Production facilities  are located within the vicinity of Port Klang; close to transshipments hubs, making exporting into overseas markets more cost effective.

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