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Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct (the "Code") lays out quite simply how the employees and business associates of Minho (M) Bhd and its subsidiaries are expected to behave and conduct themselves in the performance of their duties and responsibilities as good and contributing corporate citizens. Underpinning the operation of this Code will always be the belief and adoption and application of our common values and shared aspirations in the spirit of cooperation, and good corporate governance.


This Code, therefore, should, with a little common sense, provide us with a framework for excellence in the way we behave and interact with each other personally and corporately while at work or when carrying out our work related responsibilities.


More precisely, we should consciously, on a regular basis, act as follows:-

* undertake to comply with the letter and spirit of this Code the values and aspirations,   

  the policies and procedures embedded in the practices of the company.

* work efficiently and to the best of our ability within the authority either ordinarily

  vested or delegated to us.

* act honestly and with integrity, completely rejecting the giving or accepting of bribes

  or illegal payments.

* at all times behaving ethically, not tolerating ever any improper behaviour or other

  breaches of this Code.

* perform our duties and carry out our responsibilities with due care and diligence.

* paramount to the way we handle ourselves, our business practices, and our

  relationships with our stakeholders is the legal obligation which prohibits the use of

  inside information for personal gain or passing such sensitive information to others.

* respect the privacy of all members of Minho (M) Bhd and its stakeholders.

* protect and safeguard all property and other resources belonging to any member

  of the Minho Group.

* ensure that our personal interest, financial or otherwise, do not conflict, or have the

  potential to conflict with Minho's business interests.

* contribute positively to the communities around whom we operate if and when

  opportunities to do so present themselves.

The above list is by no means exhaustive. Common sense and the promotion of common good should prevail throughout the application of this Code.


Non-compliance with the Code

Any director, employee or contractor who breaches the provisions of this Code may face disciplinary action which, if the breach is serious enough, may include termination of employment or engagement.

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